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February 2013 –
Featuring an apologetic response by Robert Jurjevich to a visiting speaker in Sarajevo during Robert and his wife Sandrina’s recent Mission Trip to Bosnia.

January 2013 –
Featuring The Bridge Report for 2012 and exhorting words for 2013 by R.K. Ulrich

Christmas Greeting 2012 –
Featuring Christmas greeting from Steve and R.K. Ulrich and from and to all our faithful partners around the world.

November 2012 –
Featuring the current conflict bewteen Israel and Gaza, with a reprint of a Bridge Report from 1998, featuring R.K. participating with Evangelist Aril Edvardsen and 110 Norwegian prayer warriors in a Gospel outreach for the Palestinian people in in Yasser Arafat’s conference hall in the city of Gaza.

October 2012 –
Featuring the current situation in Iran and the Thank You Letter from an Iranian Christian pastor who was aquitted and released from prison. Also featured is the report from CEUN’s Prayer Breakfast for UN Ambassadors and Diplomats.

September 2012 –
Featuring Shelli Sellar’s Memorial.

August 2012 –
Featuring an update on Varughese Mathew and his ministry, Indian Christian Fellowship in the Andaman Islands, India.

July 2012 –
Featuring Peter and Solvei Stohl.

June 2012 –
Featuring an update on the South Sudanese refugees in Israel.

May 2012 –
Featuring the 20th anniversary celebration of Cerkov Most (Bridge Church) in St. Petersburg, Russia.

April 2012 –
Featuring Easter greeting 2012 and a testimony of Steven Ulrich’s journey toward healing of prostate cancer.

March 2012 –
Featuring Stephen and Sophia Schmalz’s 2012 Report on Bridge-sponsored support of pastor families in the Rebublic of Georgia and a personal prayer request for R.K.’s husband, Steven.

February 2012 –
Featuring Africa – Praise and prayer for the Cowley family serving in Kenya and the Levi and Kuj families serving in the South Sudan.

January 2012 –
Featuring The Bridge Report for 2011 and exhorting words for 2012 by R.K. Ulrich.

December 2011 –
Featuring a Christmas greeting sent from China by George Chen , our partner through whom the Bridge sponors indigenous evangelists, Bible Training Schools and other projects in China.

November 2011 –
Featuring Terri Ellis and her vision and call to work with women in Nicaragua and other nations by teaching the women sewing and sowing threads of hope.

October 2011 –
Featuring Yermek Balykbekov from Karaganda, Central Kazakhstan – a young Kazakh from a Muslim background who gave up a promising profession in marshall arts to bring the Gospel to his own people.

September 2011 – to read
Instead of this month’s Bridge Report, Tom Miller’s article “Peace and Justice in Israel” is made available. If you want to read it online, click on the above month.

September 2011 – to print
if you want to print Tom Miller’s article “Peace and Justice in Israel” in booklet form, click on the above month.

August 2011 –
Featuring the July 22 terror attack in Norway and examines whether Breivik, the perpetrator, is a “Christian Terrorist” – a question answered by Jacob Kaetterhenry, a young American who just returned from a mission trip to Albania and England!

July 2011 –
Featuring Jorge Urra, a fatherless boy from a small, obscure town in Cuba who, by God’s call and direction was launched with his family into the world to serve the church and the very least in the nations!

June 2011 –
Featuring Paul and Marcia Cowley and this remarkable couple’s Dsm Bible Institute for Pastors and Ministry Leaders among the poorest of the poor in one of Africa’s largest slums.

May 2011 –
Featuring Jones Hussein and his testimony: his turning from radical Islam to faith in Jesus Christ, and he and his wife, Christie’s ministry in Niger.

April 2011 –
Featuring Japan’s earthquake / tsunami disaster and the work of Tim and Christine Huber and their church in Japan to help the victims in the radiation zone!

March 2011 –
Featuring the celebration of South Sudan as a free, independent country, and the work of William and Hannah Levi and Sabet and Suzy Kuj in the new nation.

February 2011 –
Featuring the recent events in Egypt and the Middle East and an article by Derek Prince from 1990, on his reflections on the Middle East.

January 2011 –
Featuring the 2010 Annual Report with a list of the missionaries we supported overseas, and a letter from Steve and R.K.

December 2010 –
Featuring Christmas Greetings to friends, co-workers and partners around the world.

November 2010 –
Featuring the most recent update on Varughese Mathew’s ministry, Indian Christian Fellowship, located on the Andaman-Nicobar Islands in the Indian Ocean.

March 2006 –
background information, Featuring an update on the one year aftermath of the 2004 tsunami and the progress on the restoration of Varughese Mathew’s ministry, Indian Christian Fellowship on the Andaman-Nicobar Islands.

January 2005 –
Background information in the wake of the December 2004 tsunami, Featuring the first story on Varughese Mathew and his ministry, Indian Christian Fellowship, located on the Andaman Islands near the episcenter, to whom we funneled relief aid funds.

October 2010 –
Featuring Steven and R.K. Ulrich’s overseas visit to Europe in August, and the mission partners they visited there: David and Rosemanry shaw in England, Peter and Solvei Stohl in Lithuania, and Enok and Marianne Hansen in Norway.

September 2010 –
Featuring Stephen and Sophia Schmalz who are serving the Republic of Georgia with the Gospel – and their visit to our home in South Florida.

August 2010 –
Featuring an updated report from the town of Asbest, Russia where The Bridge in 2001 initiated a Bible Leadership Training center. Mark Medley visited in July and gives this report

July 2010 –
Featuring Haiti six months after the earthquake, and a report on the distribution of donated Bridge funds to Haiti.

June 2010 –
Prefacing Francis Schaeffer’s question, “How should We then Live?”, Featuring the clashing of civilizations and the endeavor by powerful forces to eradicate the U.S. Constitution.

May 2010 –
Featuring Kalmykia and Andrew Vincent’s apostolic work among the Kalmyk people from Buddhism to faith in Jesus Christ.

April 2010 –
Featuring the unrest and governmental coup in Kyrgyzstan and the situation among the Christian believers there.

October 2005 –
Featuring R.K.’s visit to Kyrgyzstan with John and Beverley Sheasby, main speakers at a three day conference in Bishkek.

March 2010 –
Featuring people in three different parts of the world rejoicing and being thankful in the midst of their suffering

February 2010 –
Featuring Shelli Sellars’ hope and faith in her battle against cancer

January 2007 –
Featuring the life and ministry of Joe and Shelli Sellars while they were living and serving God in Germany

January 2010 –
Featuring the Bridge 2009 Annual Report with a list of our parters in the field and an update on Haiti and how you can give.

December 2009 –
Featuring how, at Christmas 1989 – 20 years ago – Eastern Europe’s Iron Curtain fell!

November 2009 –
Featuring Sargon and Nadia Daniali — Gospel outreach to the nations along the Silk Road by Assyrian missionaries

October 2009 –
Featuring William and Hannah Levi who, with their operations Nehemiah Mission, are helping rebuild communities in South Sudan

September 2009 –
Featuring Sabet and Suzy Kuj’s life and mission work in Tonj, South Sudan

August 2009 –
Featuring R.K.’s Kazakhstan Trip Report Part 3: Agape’s 20th anniversary celebration, Sargon, visit to Russia

July 2009 –
Featuring R.K.’s Kazakhstan Trip Report Part 2: Mountain retreat for Agape’s staff and missionaries.

June 2009 –
Featuring R.K.’s Kazkahstan Trip Report Part 1: Kazakhstan & Russia

May 2009 –
Featuring Mission Agape, Kazakhstan: 1989-2009

April 2009
Featuring the treacherous life of North Jorean pastors

March 2009
Featuring the Jurjevich family and their ministry in the Balkans.

February 2009

Featuring being a blessing to the nations in Sri-Lanka and Costa Rica: Hanny Feurer, Pastor Suresh, & Ted and Dawn Sandquists

April 2004

Featuring R.K.’s visit to Rehab Center Salvation, a dynamic Christian drug rehab center in Asbest, the Ural Mountains, Russia, where, two years prior, the Bridge, with the help of a $2,500 animal packet, had helped rescue them financially from closing the center.