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2016 November Thanksgiving Greetings


8309 ANDAMAN ISLAND WORKERS — Mathew Varughese founded and runs Calvary Mission in the Indian Andaman Islands, located in the Indian Ocean between Indonesia and India. FOCUS: Sponsoring evangelism and pioneer church planters, among Hindus and Muslims, orphanages; and a micro business – goat farming.


8345 BOSNIAN WORKERS — Robert and Sandrina Jurjevich were missionaries in Sarajevo in the early 1990ties, but were forced out in 1992, when the war broke out.  They continued in ministry, pastoring in Holland and the US, and serving as Bridge staff. Three years ago they moved back to Sarajevo, where they live and serve in the Muslim part of the city. FOCUS: Church planting, discipling, ministry to women and children through their newly built Dobrinja Ministry Center.


br-rep-11-16-georgia8337 GEORGIA WORKERS — Stephen and Sophia Schmalz have lived and served in the capital of Tbilisi, Georgia for over 20 years. FOCUS: Pillars of encouragement and support to local pastors and their families; they minister in state orphanages; presently engaged in fruitful one-on-one evangelistic outreaches, delivering Bible scripts and tracts among Muslims from the Middle East who live and travel in Europe.

 haiti-felix-j-with-child-web8162 RELIEF AID – HAITI8010 HAITI RELIEF AID  —  A farm girl from Pennsylvania, later nurse in New York City, during a mission trip to Haiti, Jeanette Felix got a burden to serve people in the remote, impoverished mountains of Haiti. FOCUS: Has established and sponsors a full time Christian school ages 4-13. Currently, raising funds for the farmers, victims of Hurricane Matthew.


8323 HISPANIC WORKERS & 8162 RELIEF AID — HAITI — Jorge Urra is from Cuba; lives now in Miami, FL where he has planted and pastors a local church. Does extensive apostolic work among church planters by training, facilitating, and encouraging pastors and their churches cross-denominationally. FOCUS: Apostolic outreaches with Relief Aid into Cuba, Haiti, Dom. Rep., and other Central and South American countries.


8171 HIMALAYAN TRAINING CENTER — Dawa S. Bhutia, an ethnic Tibetan and former Buddhist from Bhutan was Dalia Lama’s personal bodyguard.  He is now a believer in Jesus. FOCUS: founder and leader of Himalayan Good News Networking Ministry.  Dawa has trained and discipled hundreds of pioneer evangelists and church planters who now serve the Lord in mostly rural areas in the Himalayan mountains among Bhutanese, Indians, Nepalese, Tibetans, and more obscure tribes.


8162 RELIEF AID — REFUGEES IN IRAQ — The Bridge has joined forces with an Arab friend and partner who travels to Iraq and personally oversees the distribution of the relief aid to the refugees.  With his team, he also ministers to their emotional and spiritual needs.  FOCUS: Serving the least cared for: Christian villagers and the Yazidi people. There are now 500 new believers among them,  being discipled by the local believers under the leadership of our friend.


8338 ISRAEL WORKERS — Due to security considerations, we are not identifying thosewe sponsor in Israel. One is an American gentile, who has lived and worked in the Land for more that thirty years, and has been honored with permanent residency. FOCUS:  A light-bearer for the Gospel to the Jewish people, our partner continues the love-in-action and prayer ministry that Messiah be revealed in the hearts of the people!

br-rep-11-16-kalmykia8156 KALMYKIA WORKER — Sarang Badeev lives in the capital of Elista in the Republic of Kalmykia, Russia.  The Kalmyks are the only Buddhists community in the West.  Sarang came to faith in 1985 through an American missionary, Andrew Vincent, who planted a church in Elista, which Sarang began pastoring when Andy returned home. FOCUS: Evangelism, church planting, discipleship.  Sarang also travels to Kalmykian communities and shares his faith in the States, China, and Mongolia.


8341 KAZAKHSTAN WORKERS 1 In the 90’ties, The Bridge was on the cutting edge of pioneering evangelism and church planting in Kazakhstan, and sponsored many of the new indigenous ministres. We rejoice in abundant fruitfulness, as the majority of them are now self-financed and keep growing in grace and knowledge of God. We continue to sponsor Sargon Daniali, an Assyrian Iranian living in Almaty. FOCUS: Evangelism, teaching, and discipling Turkish and Farsi-speaking peoples in Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia.


8342 KAZAKHSTAN WORKERS 2 — Yermek Balykbekov lives in the city of Karaganda in central Kazakhstan.  He pastors the Kazakh fellowship within a larger, Russian speaking church. A Karate champion, Yermek came to faith in Jesus by visiting American athletes while in Moscow for further training and competition.  Heeding God’s call, he laid down his profession and returned home and planted a church among his Muslim people. FOCUS: Evangelism and pastoral care in the Kazakh language.



8344 KENYA WORKERS — Paul Cowley, South Florida businessman turned missionary, with his wife, Marcia, heard God’s call to leave the comforts of South Florida, and move to Nairobi, Kenya to  minister among the poorest of the poor in the Mathare Valley, one of Africa’s largest slums.  FOCUS: With his team of Discipleship Support Ministries, Paul founded and built a Bible Institute in the slums where he teaches the Word of God, then trains and disciples the Pastors of the Least who live there.


br-rep-11-16-south-sudan8370 SOUTH SUDAN WORKERS — Matthew Deng Dut, a young South Sudanese, having lived as refugee in Egypt and Israel, the latter where he graduated from Bible College, returned to his homeland and war-torn city of Juba in 2012.  There, he planted a new church among his people who had just returned to the land, Elohim Shalom International Ministry which he had founded in 2005 in Tel Aviv. FOCUS: Evangelism, teaching, discipleship, and prayer based on Matthew 5:9, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”  Project: A Microbank to help people with small loans to start cottage industries.